S2 Bonus: Analisa Wade

S2 Bonus Episode:

Analisa Wade - Many Hats & Many Jobs Later.

Gi welcomes a fellow QUEEN who wears a plethora of different hats to the table. Whether it's running her own marketing agency or exploring her musical talent, our next guest is the one and only Analisa Wade.

Growing up Everywhere:

To kick off the conversation Analisa takes us on her journey from Minnesota, to Charlotte, to the DMV and back to Charlotte. Wade attributes her diaspora of knowledge to everything she was exposed to whether it was a struggle-some time, or even her "bougie" times at Spelman or with her AKA mom. Gi notes that this "training" of being well-mannered goes a long way being that some people do not get that education until much later in life.

Despite all this, Analisa said eventually she "had to make a choice" between who she really was which was a mix of everything.

"Eventually I found my own self and made sure to expose myself to everything I can whether it was classes at other ATL school like Clark or Morehouse. Doing this allowed me to be me Instead of being cooped up at Spelman."

The Founding of the AME Agency

After her undergraduate career Analisa found herself bouncing between corporate jobs. After leaving what would be her last corporate job, she took a 60 day reset period before starting the "next" job.

During her time in between those last jobs Analisa started traveling and exploring new avenues of life, and after self discovery like that - she couldn't go back to be a corporate robot.

"The day I walked into quit, they offered me any job I wanted and I called my best friend...and all she said was 'LOOK YOU WENT INTO THERE TO QUIT TODAY.' and that day was my last day"

Looking back Analisa thinks she could have made a smoother transition, recalling struggling a bit while living in Harlem in between jobs/contract. Nonetheless there are no regrets now as AME Agency is going strong since 2019.

Analisa goes on to explain to GI her ideal clients which ranged from full house marketing, launches, quick projects and more. With a client list that spans the entire east coast, Asilana Marketing & Events is not slowing down anytime soon.

Lisa Locs & Lux: Alter Egos

As her alter ego Lisa Locs aka Lux, Wade says her music is healing. Rapping since she was 7, Wade has been on and off creating music citing having fun and performing as her favorite aspects.

"I am not doing it to be famous. It's for me. I have so much fun...AME is the bread and butter... my music is for me and I know it can be healing to people as well..."

Gi and Wade also talk about her transition to Locs and how freeing they are. As an entrepreneur "it fits the lifestyle" she says as she grew tired of always having to figure out what to do with her hair. Reminiscing on all the hairstyles she's tried over the years, Analisa can't help but to pin Locs as her favorite since she is always on the run - it makes sense and fits her freeing personality.

To hear more of what these two queens explored together, make sure to catch their episode dropping SATURDAY 9.25.21.

Find Analisa at:


Asilana Marketing


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