February 27, 2021

Ep 14. (Bonus) JazArt Studios

What is Resin?

For our SECOND bonus episode we welcome another fellow Queen from the QC. Our next guest is Resin Artist and owner of JazArt Studios, Jasmyn!

Truly a TBV FIrst, Jasmyn is the first artist of her kind to come on the show. While she likes to create in all different mediums, her bread and butter is working with resin. A question that all of us had for Jasmyn as simple, what is resin?

"A liquid substance that you can shape and form before it settles. You can also use it as finishes to projects like bar tops," explained Jas.

From DIY to LLC

Like many of our guests we have had on the show, Jasmyn tells us "covid gave me the fire under my ass to get it together." Creating her whole life, Jasmyn is no stranger to being a DIY [do it yourself] Queen. It was that DIY bug that got her into resin art especially when big retailers like Crate & Barrel and Ikea can be pricey.

"...One day I said I'm gonna create some shit." recounts Jas, who literally can't help to express herself creatively. "I was out of work and I was just creating so much and I told myself just go into business for yourself girl."

And she did.

Now, Jas takes commissions such as sculptures, coasters, ashtrays, fruit trays, rolling trays, and even custom finishes on acrylic art.

Before working with DIY projects and taking resin commissions, Jas and Gi reminisce on their high school days at Northwest School of the Arts where Jas loved to sing and dance. She recounts even dancing through college, where she was then known as Jas Rozay. Knowing the discipline it takes to become a great dancer, Jas applied this concept when starting her business last summer.

Upon opening JazArt studios in 2020 Jazmyn told Gi she learned that building a community was impactful for her business citing returning clientele from social media and Charlotte area pop ups have really been great for her business.

We thank Jasmyn for coming on the show and being one of our BONUS guests.

Peace and Blessings.

Make sure to follow Jas at



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