December 18, 2020

Ep. 9 - Ascent of Heaven: Boos in Business

Finishing off our last episode for this drop we have a TBV first, inviting our very first power couple to come and hang with us. This time, Gi talks to the owners of Ascent of Heaven Candle Company, Kenyah and Brycen.


Ascent of Heaven Candle Company, much like many emerging businesses today, found its owners with a lot of time due to the series of lockdowns from the COIVD-19 pandemic. Kenyah and Brycen tells us that their business was born out of love, therapy, and the horrid wait for coupons in order to buy a quality candle from Bath and Body Works.  More than anything though, says Kenyah, is that "We get sick and tired of working for other folks you know?"

The COVID-19 pandemic happen to be the perfect stage for the young couple, who have now been in business a little over three months. Gi, who started her journey as a podcaster during the same tumultuous time, related to the love birds immensely. "I mean candles was just a thing i'd do to relax you know, and now here we are," highlighted Kenyah.

Besides pouring their love into their product, the dynamic duo ensures they use quality ingredients in their candles including a paraffin (Brycen's favorite) and soy mix which allows a mix of durability and strong scent.

Brycen recalls falling in love with candles after meeting Kenyah and now loves helping them grow their brand. He also cites relaxation and tying candle scents to memory as major reasons why people get so infatuated with their product. Funny enough Gi jokes that vanilla candles (her mom's favorite) always remind her of her mama's house.

Ascent of Heaven's newest scents, Homebody and Christmas party just dropped last month.


Even using the candle making as a way of "bonding and getting their bag" as Gi puts it, Kenyah and Brycen still allow each other to have their own identities as well. Kenyah works as a Therapist specializing in addiction counseling, while Brycen works on branding start up businesses and helping them grow.  As black professionals and entrepreneurs, they both assume the great responsibility of being an example for the future black leaders behind them.  

"You know as a black woman I always felt like I had to go the extra mile to get a seat at the table, but it's important for other black women to have that representation," recalls Kenyah on her navigating the work place. Her and Gi also talk about the importance of eliminating the stigma around therapy and black people. "People are scared to be labeled as crazy, and there is nothing wrong with therapy. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to."

Brycen is super focused on making sure black businesses grow in order to build the black dollar, which is so important especially in these tough times. He loves working with fashion, music, and art, recently combining all three to launch @RedxSubstance. He also has big plans for a men's centric candle line in the future.


As Boos in Business, (also coined by Gi), the group talked about how the media portrays relationship in so many different ways, but there is nothing like black love.

The two recall meeting while they worked at Northface @ Southpark Mall, to becoming friends, and now three years later running a business together. They even talked to Gi about the roles they serve in their day to day relationships.

Most importantly, they were honest and open about getting better about setting time for themselves instead of always being about the business. "We need to get better at scheduling, blocking out time for decompression," states Kenyah.

The two also appreciate running a business together as it has helped them be better partners, communicate better, and appreciate each other's insight.


Episode 9 of The Black Vibrations Podcast will drop on 12/26!

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