October 8, 2020

Ep1 - PrettynPressed / Inauguration

For our very first episode, we invited the CEO of Charlotte-based nail press on company, PRETTYNPRESSED, to be our inaugural guest.  Gi and our guest talk about topics such as educating your consumer base, running a cosmetology business during a pandemic, and steps she took during her own personal weight loss journey.

PrettynPressed: A Global Company:

"Girl I do not cheat on my nail tech, Jill" laughs host Gi, as she welcomes Jill to their interview. Jill began working on nails when she was 12 years old and now runs her own fashion nail press-ons company. A one woman army, Jill talks about getting her product out there, the grind, and educating her customer base.

"Yeah at first, I was nervous because people didn't now how a great alternative press-ons can be. But once I let my regulars know, it really helped grow my business," Jill tells us on when she first started shopping the idea.

Jill stays humble reminiscing about starting the company after leaving her job as a hair dresser, "I started PrettyNPressed in the corner of my dad's kitchen." Since then, her business has only grown during the pandemic. She tells Gi how even though she was already on instagram, she still had the hustle and bustle of her physical salon to lean on. Well into the pandemic in 2020, Jill has now been dedicated to her brand full time for over a year.

"When the pandemic hit I was nervous, but it really challenged me to up my game in terms of shipping and getting creative on how to get my products out to my clients...I do PRETTYNPRESSED full time now and it has expanded my creative process. But the challenge is always keeping myself going...if you need a base you need to go all in. It's not gonna work..."

Jill's VSG Journey:

"If you feel good, you'll do good...but I was at a very low point in August of 2019" Jill gets candid with us on how just as she ventured into being a full time entrepreneur, she realized she needed to better herself if she wanted to better her business.

Jill looked into weight loss surgery at the beginning of 2020 and received a vertical sleeve gastrectomy  (VSG) right before the COVID-19 pandemic landed in the United States.  She says she started an instagram page to bring awareness on not only "doing what you want to better yourself, but also taking this surgery as a tool and not just a shortcut."  

Gi and Jill highlight the correlation of physical and mental health and how it is key for anyone, especially someone running a business. Through this, the pair of creative queens deduced that you need to be putting yourself and your goals first. That type of honesty can do wonders for mental health as Jill talks about stigmas around the surgery, and things Black culture frowns upon.

"Weight loss surgery, therapy...all of these things are frowned upon...It's ok, if you want to do it, that's all that matters" - Jill Hampton, CEO or PRETTYNPRESSED

Thank you for gracing our inaugural episode, Jill!

Check out Jill's products at prettynpressed.net

Follow her on insta at:



Peace and Blessings - TBV

Ep 1 Drops OCT 10 at 10AM

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