October 8, 2020

Ep2 - The Wonderful Life of Bax: A Jack of All Trades

For our second episode, we talked to a true example of diversifying yourself: Bax.


Bax lets us into the reality of just jumping into your passions and really holding yourself accountable. "It wasn't really until college, that I had my 'ah-hah' moment," he tells our host, Gi.  "I decided to finally just buy a guitar and then...it just sat there for about three to four months," he chuckled, "...eventually I committed and I told myself I would play every day even if it was 15-20 minutes."


"I grew up watching my sister play ball, and I even played AAU basketball myself. My mother didn't ball, but she ran track....I guess you can say it's in my DNA,"  Bax tells us on always being around the game.

Even though Bax thought he was more player than coach, he eventually he found himself in love with coaching, no matter how much he denied it. "Everyone always told me I should coach, and I held off for as long as I could...and here we are."

Bax also currently trains and coaches for the Charlotte Dragons, a local 10u-17U travel basketball team.

Bax and Gi also talked about current topics in Basketball today like the Last Dance craze this past summer, the NBA Finals, and the future of the NBA after this season ends.

"The Bubble isn't the real thing to me...this season will always ave an asterisk to me."


Our host Gi jokes with Bax as they switch gears saying he "pulled a Kanye" and started a fashion brand.

Bax talked to us about going into fashion to reverse the culture and give opportunities, and how the retail market was there so he tried to find a way to break in.

"I don't even look at it as fashion...it was a to reverse that culture of growing up...it was also a chance for me to create a store, but also have my own brand out there...something trendy and basic...I wanted a piece too."

"My first ever job was at Finish Line, and I worked a couple retail jobs after that. I took it as a opportunity to learn the game."

Bax also runs 10isheads, a lifestyle brand and online store. But he warns that it wasn't easy.

We thank Bax for taking the time to talk to us. The Black Vibrations is about sharing different brands of Black Excellence all while hoping to inspire you to take that next step, make that business plan, or to invest in yourself.

Make sure to check out Bax on Instagram:





Peace and Blessings - TBV

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