S2 Bonus: Raising Resilience

S2 Bonus Episode:

Raising Resilience & Breaking Down Barriers:

Whitney and the 336:

What's up everyone it's your EP Manny Stackks! I had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented, intelligent, and caring Co-Founder of Raising Resilience, a non-profit dedicated to outpatient resources for women, specifically in postpartum. My gust was none other than Whitney! (on the left in the white!)

Whitney and I started off talking about her roots in Burlington, NC and the 336 area in general. Something that was dope to hear was hearing Whitney talk about what she learned from her hometown and being appreciative of both the struggles and learnings she got being from her unique area.

When we talked about what she wanted to do coming up, she cites a ton of different paths like nails or gymnastics, but eventually encountering a family member with mental health issues her passions became more clear. Going to appointments with this family member she remembers never seeing therapists/mental health professionals that looked like her. This became a driving factor through her career for Whitney, and thats powerful!

Mental Health and Representation:

Our conversation dives deeper into the stigma mental health has in minority communities as well as the impact of the lack of representation. Whether it is fear of sounding "weak" or not knowing how to navigate tough conversations, these issues were harder to deal with for minorities because of the lack of representation and access. These type of shortcomings motivates Raising Resilience every day to be a resource for black women. Whitney even recalls working with children and just seeing real time impact on children just having someone to talk to everyday. That type of release is obviously good for the soul, and thankfully we have people like Whitney and  Co-Founder Tiffany doing something about it.

Raising Resilience:

When asking Whitney what she would say her organization does she was able to quickly respond:

"We're breaking down barriers when it comes to access and resources for women and families before and after birth." 

Founded in 2017, Raising Resilience has been providing services for people going through postpartum depression, needing help co-parenting, addressing anxiety while pregnant and much more.

Their important work has impacted so many women for so long that in compared to some of our other guests, they have been spreading their brand of black excellence for A WHILE. Personally I want to shout them out for sticking with their mission for so long and continuing the meaningful impact to a population that is already underserved.

Lastly, Whitney and I talk about some non profit logistics like the importance of statistics, being well versed in your arena, and accepting the duty that as black women they have an additional fight of getting resources and standing out in a room.

Overall I cannot commend these two women enough! 

Continue the amazing work ladies!

Make sure to tune in and listen to the whole episode SATURDAY, 9.25

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