S2 Bonus: TheFirm Music Group

S2 Bonus Episode

TheFirm Music Group

For our last bonus drop for season 2 we dug down deep in the vault and pulled out a special conversation between the TBV Crew and the amazing, talented group: TheFirm. This deep cut conversation with members J.Cannon and Jus Coop was recorded on the eve of the release of their Sincerely Yours EP that dropped this past summer.

First meeting them as they performed at a fashion show we covered for Al Bowman (a recurring name for the show), the group has been nothing but professional and cordial. For them to inquire to be on our show was very exciting for us as they are exciting names in the local music scene in North Carolina.

For the episode we talked through many things but we kicked it off by just being grateful for them and jumping into their origins.

J.Cannon and Jus Coop then vibe with our very own sound producer Taaj as they talk about their music creation process. Similar to Taaj they create to have fun not to fill a quota. They do not say "I need a party song or a club song" they go in and create whatever they are feeling.

Manny, who was calling in from NYC at the time, spoke in awe to seeing TheFirm perform. He also recounts the energy they had when meeting them and feeling their humility. Manny and the group also dive in to the music that influenced them and their eventual formation which gradually took place from 2014 through 2020.

The Business:

The crew goes on to talk about how once they got serious they went all in. They fall under a few banners such as TheFirm, TheFirm Music Group (label), and even their TheFirm clothing line! These two gentlemen aren't playing games and we loved the energy when they stopped by. Later we go on to talk through the importance of paying it forward with resources and making sure you reciprocate the energy that was given to you while you figured it out.

We also talk briefly on the idea of six degrees of separation, stating that we are al just a few connections away from where we want to be.

The Music:

Taaj and Gi break down some of the music they heard from the group and give them props for a unique sound on their track "All Night" which is featured on their Sincerely Yours (EP). The duo explain the project was a musical journey dedicated to love which mixed a few different influences to get their emotions on the project out.

Eventually the group dives more into the other artist under their label, such a J. Stanley who we first heard sing at The Affiliated Experience in the spring of 2021.

Listen to the rest of the interview, which drops Saturday 9.25!!

Check out TheFirm at


TheFirm Music Group


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