S2 E10: Mo C, a Resident Renaissance Man.

What's up everybody! For the next few episodes yours truly, Manny Stackks, is taking over some of the interviews for the show. For the next three episodes we have some Black KANGS (s/o to Jonathan Majors) stop by and tell use about how they are following their dreams, making a difference, and stamping their own brand of BLACK EXCELLENCE.

For our TENTH Episode this season we got the pleasure to speak to young and upcoming North Carolina artist, Deven aka MO C! The recent North Carolina A&T State graduate stopped by the show one week prior to the release of his project: Ascension which debuted on June 25 on all major steaming platforms.

Becoming a

Renaissance Man:

Spending time in different prominent areas in the state, such as the Raleigh-Durham area and Greensboro, Mo explains how he learned his hustle mentality, how to embrace good vibes, and how to build connections. As someone who spent time in those areas as well, I know all to well how these creative hubs can incubate the creativity of an aspiring artist. Mo took me through his educational journey up through his recent graduation from college. From there, Deven explained how now that that part of his life is over, he if trying to widen his horizons.

For someone so young, I was impressed on everything he was trying to get his hands into. At his age, I was just lucky to be done with school and have a job. My creative "awakening" didn't really happen until later.

We spoke on Mo's work with local farmlands, Netflix's High on the Hog, and diving into fashion retail. Mo is working alongside rural NC farmers to teach people to grow their own food so they do not lack resources. When he is not busy doing that he works on his music, and his upcoming clothing brand, Never Ignorant. Oh, and when he has some down time he is picking up trading.

"A well-rounded gentleman," to say the least, Mo is slowly but surely becoming a resident renaissance man.

Mo and the Music:

Before going into his own project, Mo and I talked about what piqued his own musical interest. Despite our near decade in age difference, I gotta say I was impressed his first answer wasn't Future or Lil Baby. Mo explains to me that right now he still listens to older music that impacts him. He cites Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar's GKMC, and Kanye's first two albums as major influences. For his Ascension project, Mo worked with producers from California as well as NC to bring his vision together. He wanted to make sure he had something for everyone, but also tried new things. He references tracks like "Vibez" and the "Interlude" as tracks he believes his listeners will enjoy. Lastly, the last song on the album, "Change The World" is his favorite.

Make sure to hear my entire conversation with this aspiring young man on 8/28 on theblackvibrations.com or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! 

I can't thank Deven for stopping by and sharing what he is up to. We wish him nothing but...


Make sure to follow Mo:


Make sure to check out Mo C's new project Ascension is available on all streaming platforms now

Check out his video for "In The End"

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