April 26, 2021

S2 E3: Higher Quality

On our last episode of this batch, we welcome a fellow WEST SIDE native, Jett- CEO of Higher Quality Clothing.


Jett kicks off the episode off by shouting out some of his bros from the local clothing scene and specifically shout outed Julio, CEO of Trap Panda from Season1. He spoke to the importance of community and building together instead of competing and trying to out do each other.

Jett tells Gi he grew up an introvert, then started getting in trouble, and then to reinvented himself to get a better life. He remembers the wise words of his "westside old heads," that had him shuffling his priorities in the right order.

"I wasn't out there trappin', but I kept my head down and did what I had to do to get out...and I am a positive product of my environment." notes Gi as they talk about their roots in the West side of Charlotte, that houses infamous neighborhoods such as Beatties Ford or Tuckaseegee

"I was never thuggin, I was just curious" notes Jett, relating to GI in that there was never an immediate malice in anyone's actions and that it was just being caught up in the environment they came up in, the circumstances.

After many different things he thought he wanted to do including being a barber, Jett eventually found himself in business for himself with Higher Quality.

HIGHER QUALITY: Rooted in being better.

"The meaning of it is to have the quality of being superior, and to be better. Stepping in to roles in life to be better, to be superior..." explains Jett on how he and his wife came up with the brand identity.

We started this business and knew nothing. We did not know anything about clothing, running businesses, nothing. To now...knowing all of this and more. We know now we have so much more room to grow."

Jett continues on to explain that not only has his brand grown but him and his wife have grown tremendously as well. Looking forward, they are excited to hit the pop-up scene and get products in hands at events such as All Star Weekend (this past march in ATL), In the long term sense, Jett hopes to open a flagship store where he can also house a print shop and run a education program on how to start a business in the clothing/retail space.

"I want to give free game to people who want it"

Embodying his brand, Jett says everyday he tries to read or watch something to help him learn how to improve.

4ever Black Printing

"We had to print our own stuff when the city shut down and started printing vinyl. Once that started people inquired about printed for other people, and at first I didn't want it. But then the idea hit, that this could help them get better at printing but also help small businesses with more than just services but giving them education to help them grow." - Jett, Co-Owner of 4ever Black Printing

The name comes from the identity of the owners, who are black, who are aiming to help other black businesses anything they can to uplift them. "If we are meeting and talking and a client wants to learn, they can ask me anything." preaches Jet, whose ultimate goal is to spread knowledge and uplift the community by offering them an avenue to start a business through something as universal as fashion.

Make sure to follow the brands at



Peace and Blessings!

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