May 20, 2021

S2 E6: The Taylors - Siblings Extraordinaire

The Taylor Gang is Strong

Gi welcomes sibling duo, Brittani and Chris Taylor. Rooted back in the coveted Northwest School of The Arts, the three reminisce on how it was diving into creativity fist at such a young age. In addition, the two recall always being artistic and creative, and how it ran in the family with their older brother drawing and now in PR and their father also drawing. Now Brittani is a Fine Arts Photographer and Chris is a Storyteller and Owner of Azuma Kara, an anime style art exhibit. For a TBV first, we bring on these extremely talented siblings to wrap on the creative space in Charlotte, the importance of sibling/family love, and more.

Artistic Foundations

Switching gears, Gi and the duo speak on where they received teachings in their craft. Brittani was able to receive a lot of formal training through her education at Northwest while Chris learned from his love for anime, mentors, and good ol' Youtube University.

Brittani does note that formal training inevitably has an end, and then the journey of developing a style begins. There is a degree of unlearning that needs to happen when you start developing style that isn't necessarily there if you are self taught since your style is being developed from the beginning.  

Brittani recalls gaining recognition in college, presenting her work in galleries and allow her to broaden her clients and viewers. Post college, she calls working mainly for shoots and other people, and although it got the bills paid, it drained her. Eventually, she was able to dive back into her own work and showcasing what she liked to create. This led to a next level in her journey as an artist, and "when things really took off" she noted.

On his end, Chris remembers being recognized around 2013 or 14 beginning to post his work on instagram. He recalls speaking to the artist in residence at the McCol Center, and they imposed the advice to him that "the first step is calling yourself an artist."

In 2016, Chris put on his first art show called "Thank you, Society."

"This isn't even my final form"

Chris then elaborates on his curator work with Azuma Kara, aiming to host it annually when it began as just an idea. Brittani was a visual artist and now does photography, but recently was involved in bringing back the "BlueKiss" style photo booths of popular 90s aesthetic. Gaining momentum from that, Brittani looks to work on more retro style concepts.

As both Taylors are hitting their strides, they both express they are barely getting started and have much more to come.

Gi jokes and references Dragon Ball Z saying "you guys feel like this isn't even your final forms!!!"

They also make sure to take time to shout out local creatives that are dropping amazing art and doing great work for the Charlotte community. Cutely enough, Chris even shout outs his own sister Brittani as an inspirations.

The humility between the two radiated as he talked about Brittani pushing through her creative journey.

Eventually - Brittani and Chris give a little gems about how to take art to the next level and monetize. They want to make it clear that there is money in art but it has to come from the heart and hard work. There has to be work put it in!

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