June 24, 2021

S2 E7: The West Side Wintons

Jada and Jasmine, Charlotte Natives.

Kicking off our third drop this season are the power sisters, Jada and Jasmine. Two sisters getting their own bags.

Gi and the Wintons begin their convo by recalling meeting Jada at Northwest and later finding out she had a sister who looked and sounded like each her! The two were scouted by Gi mainly because she recalled seeing Jada starting her makeup business. Gi even lets us know that Jada refers her clients to Jasmine for their hair!

The idea is truly genius. The love and support between the two radiated through their smiles and convos with Gi off rip! The two west side natives (s/o to Beatties Ford) and Gi also recall a major shift in the pride of being from Charlotte around their middle school years.

The group goes on to reminisce about the stigma of being on the west side of Charlotte, what they did for fun, and their unique experiences at different high schools.

The Pretty Lounge by Jasmine

Jasmine remembers taking all day at the hair salon one day too many, and then she realized that there has to be something she can do. ESPECIALLY when she was told she could glue tracks on her own head. Eventually she practiced on her sister (special thanks to Jada) her mom and so forth and by college she was doing hair, then post grad owner of her own lounge.

Her concept surrounds around the experience of THE PRETTY LOUNGE, whether the customers come to the lounge or she brings the lounge to them. In the spirit of the nostalgia, Jasmine recalls her work not even being good only for Jada to interrupt her: "them sew ins was bomb!"

Jada remembers taking the leap to cosmetology school full time after getting fired from a post grad job. While doing this Jasmine worked a full time third shift job while going to school during the day. All the while, Jada was right there living with her for her last year of school.

"Eventually I texted some friends and told them WE ABOUT TO GO UP. Respond to this text if interested...and that was it! I have not worked a job since." Jasmine

After coming out on top from her journey, Jasmine achieved her goal of opening her own salon by 30 by opening her home store front a week after this episode was filmed!

Launionthebeat by Jada

Jada then tells about getting ready for her leap as a make up artist next. While Jasmine was practicing her hair skills on Jada, she practiced make up on Jasmine! She remembers at an early age playing in her make up while everyone was ready to go. Fast forward to now - she is steady at a day job, she still kept doing make-up through schooling and post grad.

Now after seeing her sister take these leaps, Jada is gearing up to launch her brand. A little different from Jasmine's journey were she was thrown into a situation, she has been carefully investing in her self and has plans for Make-up clients, education, and more! Most recently, Jada launched a masterclass on Make-up.

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