June 24, 2021

S2 E9: Dejah's Diary, Bag, Business & More

Time: Where does it go?

Dejah and Gi open up recapping how far The Black Vibrations has come, reminiscing on the work and time content creation and creating in general takes TIME. But after a quick pivot, the praises go to none other than our lucky number SEVENTH guest, Dejah Denise, who creates lifestyle and fashion content for her many readers and followers.

Switching to the diary concept after focusing on mental health and wellness, Charlotte native Dejah truly is a unicorn. Not only for being born and raised in Charlotte, but also for the knowledge she is amassed living and learning in NC, The Mid-West, and New York.

The two wrap up their talk on home and timing on the importance of home base.

"I found all that I thought I needed right here." - Gi


Something that resonated with Gi a lot when scouting Dejah for the show was her CLEAN content. The effort and purpose behind her content shows in each and every methodical post she publishes. The conversation carries on as the two remember crossing paths at our show's very first podcast coverage last year, where Dejah did a review for vendors at the pop up we covered.

"I had someone recognize me for the first time every who followed my YouTube at a nail salon, and I was just like...woah. I mean it was a younger girl who actually told me she was on her way to a wax place I had recommended. That means a lot. It gives you purpose." - Dejah

Gi mirrors finding her purpose saying how much the Charlotte black community "deserves this." She states the community deserves a platform where they can talk about what people are doing to uplift each other.

Dejah remembers starting her YouTube journey in 2010 with her "Big Chop," way before its surging popularity with natural hair content creators over the last few years. Eventually during college,

Dejah realized the power of social media when connecting with a friend who had eclipsed 2 MILLION subscribers. It was then where Dejah decided she needed to catch up.

That word - Influencer.

"I never saw myself as an influencer." - Dejah

Viewing herself as more of a content creator, Dejah realized her influence when she noticed a rise in her promotion/product movement coincide with her noticing people deriving their content from hers.

"At first I was like...are they copying me? But no...that's literally influence. I needed to accept that doing what I do." - Dejah

After accepting the responsibility that comes with her power, Dejah made it her mission to only promote and work with brands that she actually likes and sees values in. For example, Dejah saw the meaning in her work when she recently promoted menstrual cups and had an influx of people reaching out about information and lifestyle changes.

On to the bag, Dejah explains that right now she can easily make a minimum of 2,000 dollars with opportunities that are brought to her, stating she is not even pitching to brands to get business. She remembers eclipsing 1,000 likes when showing off where she vacationed, to later being shout out by McDonald's, and getting her first paid gig from Dunkin Donuts.

"If you are a small black business let's work...if you are not...you are not getting on my page for free." - Dejah

Dejah and Gi go on to to talk about how social media and influencers affect opportunities, making money, and relationship/ love lives!

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