August 23, 2022

SZN 3 E10: Sunni T. Connor: Author, Motivational Speaker, + Loving Your Hair

Episode 10 Preview 


Sunni T. Connor 

Author + Motivational Speaker 

Southern California 

As we wrap up our August episodes, what better way to move into September that by ending the summer interviews with Cali based Author and Motivational Speaker, Sunni T. Connor. 

Sunni joined our live interactive interview with a bright smiler and even brighter background. Exuding that Cali energy, we jumped right into getting to know this multi-talented black queen.

We started off by learning that Sunni made her way to California after growing up in Baltimore. Of course we took time to alk about nuances from the popular DMV city, including the infamous accent that goes viral every so often on the like of Twitter. 

“Predominantly, everyone in Baltimore City is black…I feel like it has the best food in the world…But as beautiful as Baltimore is, it can be toxic…they call it crabs in a barrel mentality and it can be hard to get out…”” - Sunni T. Connor

Later we transitioned to talking about her upbringing, what drove her to write books, and later how she tackled the task of becoming a motivational speaker. 

“Speaking and being an author go hand in hand…I have always tried to motivate myself. We are only here for a little bit of time and we take shit way too serious. We are supposed to be enjoying life!” - Sunni. T Connor. 

Beaming with pride, GI and the crew made sure to just listen and learn from the one woman wrecking crew that has taken the mantra of living life to the fullest and applied it to her work, including other businesses.

“I have my own hair care line, ZIrah. I have a tax business, I do publishing, and I am a huge investor..” - Sunni T. Connor

We wrapped up the interview hoping that someone hears Sunni and gets inspired to live their life to the fullest as well. 

Make sure to check out Sunni and her work at:

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