August 30, 2022

SZN 3 E11: Shad B from Mind Your Money

SZN3 E11 Preview 

Guest: Shad B , 

Owner of Mind Your Money, a Financial Education Non-Profit

We kicked off the interview with nostalgia, since we always like to hop on a journey with our guest on how they got where they are now. Shad’s journey started in New Jersey, then brought him to North Carolina where he met me, then eventually down to Florida.

“Yeah so I have been in Florida 5 years now, and as you can see I have been making my way down the east coast trying to avoid the snow!” - Shad B

After a trip down memory lane we get into how his background in finance spurred his idea to create a non profit around money. After many years of being an advisor and noticing how much minorities were behind, he charged himself to try and change the narrative of money surrounding Black and Brown people. 

“Mind your Money is an education company, and the company focuses on teaching about finances and money.” - Shad B

Shad talked about his time as a Financial Advisor is what really brought the idea of Mind Your Money to him. 

“Money is sensitive for a lot of people, and a lot of those people were Black and Brown. I quickly realized there was a lack of education. No matter [the age group] they were not quite ready to have their money work for them. It took a lot of unlearning of a lot of bad behaviors before even putting strategies in place.”  - Shad B

Later, some of the guests in our live interview had tons of questions which Shad gladly gave free game on, like investing and real estate.  Eventually the big question that came up was about something we all wish we could get better at: saving. 

“Be Realistic. Saving is habitual. It rarely has anything to do with what someone is making. But it has everything to do with habit and discipline. People will create a budget and give a number they can save. They do this not realizing money that may be needed for emergencies, or irregular bills. The goal is to have money coming in and NOT coming out of that savings account.” - Shad B

We thank Shad so much for stopping by so make sure to check out the FULL CONVERSATION on 9.2.22 wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Make sure to check out Mind Your Money at to learn more about the work Shad is doing with his non profit platform. 

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