Episode 5

Christian Wilson 

Owner - PEO Productions

We were more than ecstatic to welcome Christian Wilson, the man behind PEO Productions which stands for “Positive Energy Only.” This also marked the first interview under our partnership with Airtime, a non algorithm live social app! We jump into the conversation by talking about such topics like being from Pittsburgh, his time at Carolina as a football player and more. Both Gi and Manny have had the pleasure of working with this talented photographer and had nothing but praise. 

“I really try to dig into the realm of confidence when it comes to photography…”

Christian on his photography clients

In addition to running a now publicly acclaimed Photography/Videography business Christian also has a family and work an IT Job in tech. How does he find the time? We didn’t quite figure it out, but a recurring theme is passion and doing what makes you happy. Which Christian has tried to do after having so much more free time after his life as a D1 Collegiate Athlete. 

We wrapped up the conversation by touching on what he can attribute to his success and what's next for his business. We also talked about him being featured in publications like , randomly taking on dog training, and what it actually takes to be successful.

“Always feel that you can do anything…it’s actually kind of the truth…keep constantly digging into something…don’t will eventually be successful.”


Check out his work:


PEO Website

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