August 3, 2022

SZN 3 E6: Makeda Iroquois

Episode 6 


Artist/Songwriter - Makeda Iroquois

After seeing our Episode 6 guest perform live, Boss Lady Gi knew she had to have her on our show. Funny enough, when she brought the idea to the production team I immediately said yes. Why? Because she is yet another guest who I know and have seen them grow with their craft. Seeing our next guest grow from high school to being one of the hottest acts in Charlotte has been a pleasure, and we got to talk to her about it. Without further ado, we present our guest for our 6th episode this SZN,: Makeda Iroquois aka East Side Princess aka BPPR.

We pick up the conversation between Makeda and the gang with me and her catching up since high school. We also got an intimate point of view on her journey through college and beyond rooted in her training in dance. 

“I was dancing for BB Dance, west african companies…like I really thought I was going to be dancing with Beyonce…singing and writing was an after thought..until I couldn’t dance anymore.” - Makeda

From her long working days traveling on the subway to now being a highly sought artist in the charlotte creative scene, Makeda reminds us of her affirmations and humility. What resonated the most for us through this interview is Makeda’s thankful yet confident demeanor that she could accomplish anything she put her mind to.

“I mean fast forward to college, I can’t dance anymore, I have Garageband..I started writing stuff in my diary and then we went from there…my first showing to the world of this was actually and 'On and On (Badu)' Cover”- Makeda

In conclusion we are beyond grateful that the east side princess made time for us and we wish her nothing but opulence and success. 

Make sure to check out Makeda at 


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