August 9, 2022

SZN 3 E7: Deston: Serial Entrepreneur

Season 3 - Episode 7 Preview

Destin - Serial Entrepreneur 

As SZNIII marches on we brought on someone who is all too familiar with the grind, serial entrepreneur Deston aka @destontobegreat 

We first came across Deston when we were looking to get some custom gear made for the podcast and his name came up in our search. Ever since that first time when he delivered expert and genuine service, Deston still does our custom fits - 2 years later. 

We kick off the conversation talking about Deston’s roots, going to school at an HBCU where he started his print company and his clothing brand, and what it was like jumping into full-time entrepreneurship right out of school thanks to a promising gift from his father. 

“The cleaning business really came from my father, he offered the opportunity for me to start my own sector of the business out here in Charlotte…and I said let’s make it happen.” - Deston, Operator Cleaning Solutions CLT

Deston touches on running a carpet cleaning business, a clothing line, AND a print business. For someone who is just in their mid 20s our cast was definitely impressed. Especially for someone who was NOT running businesses in his mid 20s. 

(That someone is me.) 

We later wrap up the conversation with whats next for Deston and what he thinks is a real measure of achieving success. He credits the work ethic his father instilled in him as a big reason why he has been a successful entrepreneur for over 4 years now. 

“If you want to be a business owner, you dont want to work a regular job…first find exactly what you want to do , study it, learn about it. Then just be consistent. That’s the main thing…Force yourself to be great. Continue to learn.” - Deston, Serial Entrepreneur

Make sure to check out Deston at 


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