August 17, 2022

SZN 3 E8: ABlackTV: A Black Brand




Brandon, Owner of ABlackTV 

When we were recording live interactive interviews this SZN, we had the opportunity to do a doubleheader interview one night. With two separate live audiences we had two interviews in one session and we could not be any happier with the result. 

We welcomed two creatives to the show each bringing their own unique brand of Black Excellence. 

To kickoff the doubleheader that night we spoke to the man behind ABlackTV, Mr. Brandon Todd. Brandon kicks off the conversation talking about how Gi identified him after working with some big names in music. ABlackTV is a brand the econpmasses fashion, media services, and content curation. In addition, Brandon dove into his avid travel habit, especially finally taking a long awaited trip to Africa.

“Everyone go to Africa! It is big. It is beautiful. It has a lot of wildlife. It is not like they tell us. My goal is to, if not live out there, have property out there by about 40 years old..” - Brandon, ABlackTV

We also talked about how he formed his brand. He spoke to his niche being all things Black. Helping black creatives and surrounding himself with a network of black businesses helped him come up with his niche. 

“But I am going to work with what I am good at and what I know…and I know Black people…that is what I want to evoke in my brand. It is about some Blackness.” - Brandon, ABlackTV

Make sure to check out Brandon at: 


Black Is Gold

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