August 18, 2022

SZN 3 E9: Cameron Butler: UFO Baby




Cameron Butler aka UFO Baby

After thanking ABlackTV that night we welcomed one of the brightest hip hop stars in the local circuit now, the one and only Cameron Bulter aka UFO BABY. The NY to CLT transplant brought nothing but good energy to show. Cam connects with us through his boy, our very own sound producer, Taaj Ameer.

“I’m so happy to be here. I feel like in like 5 years, it will be a rite of passage to come on this show. So thank you.” Cameron Butler - UFO Baby

With Cam, we noticed him exuding humility and thanking those around him for the success he has as an artist now. The conversation even moved into commentary on the world today, which is dominated by digital consumption. 

“Everything today is a construct. So many things are created to motivate you in one direction or another.They are put in front of you to make you live a certain way….” Cameron Butler, UFO Baby 

As we continued with the interview he made sure to give a BIG shoutout to his girl, who is his #1 supporter without a doubt. He mentions how supportive she has been with his music and life in general. 

Butler was one of our featured artist for our inaugural 4321 with TBV this past April, which coincided with his special 4.20 release: FLOATING BY THE BRIDGE EP.

The 4 track EP released right after his performance at our show so it was only right to feature him on the show. 

“When you need something, it will be presented you.” - Cameron Butler, UFO Baby 

Make sure to check Cameron out at: 


Cameron Butler on Apple Music 

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