June 29, 2022

SZN3 E1: SZN Premiere with BIGVXBE

Episode 1:


As we began to plan out our production for Season 3 we knew that we wanted to take things to the next level. We wanted to be intentional with our guests and how we cater to them, our vision, and our execution. The opportunity presented itself almost immediately by being able to go and set up for an interview with the man behind The VXBES, Chris aka @bigvxbe 

First of all, can I say that the space we were in was curated for creativity, expression, story telling, and most importantly THE VXBES. We saw a plethora of colorful anime posters, comic books, and even some dope vintage decor. After making sure the VXBES were right, we dove into the conversation. Gi, Taaj, and Chris covered so many wonderful things from Chris’s background in basketball, being creative, and most importantly the WHY behind our respective projects now and later. 

“...I always want to give back to that boy [I was]. I don’t know what it is but I am always attracting people who grew up like me..and I want to give those people a representation of themselves….” - Chris 

We went to discuss how the VXBES is an organic lifestyle versus more than just a brand. With the moniker and stamp he has given himself Chris has gone on to release clothing and also record music. His newest musical project released under the moniker CXLV in a collab with AO, METANOIA, was an experimental take on modern hip hop and of course it sets the VXBE to any deep conversation or relaxing time. 

We wrapped up the conversation by taking about some of his Cali favorites, like the signature Cali Burrito! We had a blast experiencing the VXBES with Chris for our season premiere. 

“We here baby! We here for Season 3”

- Chris (after dropping the mic)

Catch more of the conversation on July 1st

Make sure to follow @bigvxbes and @duhvxbes!!

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