September 6, 2022

SZN3 E12: Real Estate Talk with Brad & Jordan

Episode 12 Preview:


Brad Hicks - Mortgage Professional 

Jordan Caldwell - Realtor 

With Charlotte being one of the HOTTEST real estate markets in the country, we had no choice but to invite two brilliant Black real estate professionals to the show. Our subject-matter experts this time around were Brad Hicks and Jordan Caldwell, two dedicated members of the community who came to the show to talk about how crazy this market really  is and what you can do about it. 

Brad is a licensed loan officer and Jordan is a realtor out of the Charlotte area. Both came to give insightful knowledge to our live audience that night. One thing we wanted to touch on were the realities of working as a real estate professional

“The ebbs and flows of the market. So when I first got in we were in a major refinance boom. Collecting money hand over fist…then spring of this year happened and BOOM. Things changed.” - Brad on adapting to the volatile real estate market as a LO.
“You have to be able to adapt. I still work a full time job and work as a realtor. My goal is to be full time, but I need to keep working and building first..” Jordan on making sure she has sure income while she builds her real estate portfolio. 

As the conversation continued we spoke on when the right time to buy is. Both Brad and Jordan agreed that 

“When you are ready.” 

This is because despite what is going on in the market you need to make sure you have essential things in order with your finances. This means:

A Solid credit score (580+ i most cases) but the higher the better

Strong savings (enough to cover at least 3.5% of home price) 

An Amazing Real Estate team (like Jordan and Brad :D ) 

There are more tips and tricks you can learn, just follow their pages! 

Lastly the pros talked through how their passions come through while working in their profession. Brad is passionate about minority access and education, so he makes it a point to reach out to predominantly Black communities for workshops and info sessions. Jordan is passionate about making real estate investing easy and accessible to the community so she focuses her content on making real estate an extra stream of income. 

Make sure to check them out at:



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