September 6, 2022

SZN3 E13: TwinNation

Episode 13 Preview: 


Tae and Won Benjamin: TWINNATION 

Continuing our double header in the studio that night, we had the pleasure of having some of the most unique pair of twins we’d ever met. We first met this dynamic duo at Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Center here in Charlotte during one of our brand photoshoots. Tae and Won radiated an enticing energy after we got to talking and figured out why both groups were tat VAPA and it only evolved from there. We were so pleased to finally have the Charlotte based Dancers and Choreographers on the show! 

“We started dancing at local talent shows. It went to our living rooms, the streets, we taught classes at the Blumenthal for over eight years…then we got to Breaking Convention…then we made it to Super Bowl 55 weekend…”  - TWINNATION on their journey 

After a dose of inspiration from the twins, GI praises them for the dedication to their journey and how far they have come.They eventually touched on how they got to the Super Bowl and in all reality it was about taking a leap. 

“I was transitioning from a job and someone gave me an application, I filled it out without thinking about it. Then we got the call that we have been casted. Then it dawned that we had no money to make it out there, but then we made a call to the Blumenthal…and they made it happen.” - TWINNATION on getting to Super Bowl 55 to perform 

The twins attributed to always being good people and putting out good energy for their successes They recalled their time in Tampa and how surreal it was to be given the opportunity. 

One of the questions that entice our guests was how they stayed grounded despite the highs and lows of being a performer

“We remember that we are regular people like everyone else. People will always have perceptions of you no matter what so just stay true to who you are really…one of the toughest things I had to learn this year is not worrying about how others view you. I have been so glad God has been at our side…”

Make sure to check out the full interview on 9/9! 

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