September 14, 2022

SZN3 E14: SZN FINALE w/ Ken Wabibi of Jack of All Spades Podcast

Episode 14: SZN FINALE with Ken Wabibi of Jack of All Spades Podcast 

Gi and Taaj visited local studio space UpscaleStudios and met up with Mr. Ken Wabibi of Charlotte's own Jack of All Spades Podcast. Sitting down with the crew, Ken and Gi start their conversation off with nothing but gratitude. The two get to know ⅓ of the fellow community based pod.

Ken Wabibi, Charlotte native in a nutshell: 

"Congolese, Pan Africanist, champion for the indigenous and the diaspora of African community, improving the community. I am all about community building." - Ken Wabibi

From gratitude and how they connected, Gi and Ken moved on to the topic of grace and how important it is in the community. Outside of the space you live in, there is so much going on and having grace with others is something Ken notes as crucial in making connections happen. 

As the conversation at Upscale moved on, Gi talks about how Ken’s creative senses contributed to the success of his team with JOAS. It started with a camera. First used for family pictures and home video, the camera was recruited for business once guests kept asking for visuals for their interview. One thing Ken does note is that 

“We started at the right time. We held off at first and as time went on we got better. In terms of the craft, while the other members of the pod did their thing I took my craft with video editing seriously. It takes 10,000 hours so I got to it…”  - Ken Wabibi

At one point in the interview, Gi brought out a Chilly Willy (Charlotte legend) shirt that was designed by Ken in the past, showcasing he has always had a creative bone dedicated to the community. Wabibi basically turns to his family for inspiration, especially growing up in a household of 4 siblings. 

“There was always someone to talk to. There was someone always to hang out with. It wasn't the easiest growing up but I am very appreciative. They molded me into who I am today.”  - Wabibi

With all that, Ken said if there is something he knows he is good at it is learning He cites products such as Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Taking it as something to learn and grow with versus a chore is what he views as a gift. 

Eventually, Wabibi talks about his growth with the podcast: 

“We did an event, and networked with so many people we didnt usually cross pollinate. The idea came from a community kickball game. Then we started with season 1 with the homies, then as the seasons went by by season 3 we knew we wanted to be about the community.”  - Ken Wabibi , JOAS Podcast

Make sure to check out the full conversation on 9/16! 

Check out Ken and his Podcast at 




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