SZN3 E2: Ashleigh Gilliam: FIlmmaker


Episode 2 Preview:

Ashleigh - Black Filmmaker

Director/Producer of 


We had the pleasure of sitting down with black filmmaker Ashleigh Gilliam, while she was promoting her new film Tonie.Mamie.Connie.. The project was filmed in Gastonia, NC and released in the Summer of 2021.


Three women, Toni Stone, Mamie Johnson, and Connie Morgan, discover their love for baseball in the midst of 1950s America, a time when racism and sexism was highest. The film centers around their lives from childhood to adulthood.


The film went on to have two successful premieres in Mecklenburg county! 

Ashleigh not only stars in the film, but also wrote and directed! A phenomenal talent in her own right to say the least. We also spoke to her on her roots at UNC and what got her into filmmaking. 

We even talked about her inspiration behind the film after watching the renowned baseball movie, A League of Their Own, who briefly featured a scene which came from the life of Mamie Johnson. 

We also had the pleasure of talking about being from Gastonia and being adjacent to a larger city like Charlotte, studying at a PWI, and how imposter syndrome is real.

Make sure to check out this amazing interview that features our very first filmmaker and her journey to where she is now and where she is taking her production company in the future. 


“Your voice means something and it matters.”- A. Gilliam 

Check out the film’s site here:

Follow Ashleigh here:



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