July 12, 2022

SZN3 E3: Fee's Focus Jewels

Episode 3 Preview


Owner of Fee’s Focus Jewels 

Spoken Word Artist + Entrepreneur 

“I am always on the right path. I am connected with powerful people. I know my worth. I move accordingly. And so it is, and so shall be.” 

- Fee 

Fee starts off our episode with her with positive affirmations. We had her as a pop up guest back in Season 1 and we are finally getting to sit down with the one and only Fee aka Conscious Yoniverse! 

Describing herself as a beautiful divine soul, Fee walks us into her life by telling us she has always been a healer. After being a nurse for about 20 years, Fee was able to switch her purpose to what she does now - which is run Fee’s Focus Jewels. Through her business she still is able to tap into her ability to help others enlighten themselves.

“I’m not here to heal you. I am here to show you how to heal yourself.” - Fee


Gi recalls meeting Fee at a pop up during 2020, and running into her table being filled with energy and being blessed with sage. That energy is what has made Fee a household name in the Charlotte local vendor fee. Gi, Taaj, and our guest even dove into existential topics like getting energies together, rituals for the soul, and rising above your upbringing. 

Starting the business during the pandemic, Fee remembers working in nursing care right before making the leap and being tired of the politics of work. She cites taking over a year to muster the energy to finally be able to go into her business full time in June 2020. 

Her business has flourished from just having little trinkets to having a full on line of holistic natural healing products. 

Check out Fee here:




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