July 19, 2022

SZN3 E4: The Zen Room

Episode 4  Preview 


Owner of The Zen Room

Licensed Esthetician, Influencer, Business Owner

We had the opportunity of stopping by Iesha’s shop, The Zen Room, in Charlotte, NC and having a deep conversation regarding her journey on becoming a Licensed Esthetician, creating content, and taking the leap into becoming a business owner. 

She recalled that nine days into a ten day training at a new job, the world shut down and she had to pivot like many new business owners had to do at the height of the pandemic. A big part of the conversation is what she learned as she continued to elevate her game until she inevitably got her own salon. 

“It went from 1 client a day, to two, to three, until next thing you know I was fully booked all month. It has definitely moved fast.” - Iesha 

Later in the conversation she spoke about her inspiration from the feeling of Zen for her clients, growing her marketing strategy, and some of the tough times she had to face before getting to the place she is now. She even dives into making the leap from a nursing career  into Esthetics while also having to manage her role in her family and as a mother. 

“Being an entrepreneur, something will be neglected. You have to pick and choose where your time goes.” - Iesha 

We even squeezed in some time to ask her what she likes to do for fun. Her fun to-do list included mimosas, brunching, and going to The Babe Cave or Stats with her girls. 

“I like mimosas. Brunch. You know I like to have fun and go to certain spots with my girls…” Iesha 

“Don’t let not having the money, the time, or anything like that hold you back. Make the time. I say don’t give up..”  - Iesha 

Make sure to follow Iesha at 

The Zen Room IG

The Zen Room Official Site 

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