SZN3 E7: Deston: Serial Entrepreneur

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gi grier
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For Episode Lucky Number 7 we invited one of our favorite Entrepreneurs (whom we do business with regularly) who truly defines his success from the work he puts in. We had a pleasure catching up with Deston Thronton aka Destontobegreat, a true Serial Entrepreneur who shows no signs of stopping his grind any time soon. We chat about how he started his businesses, the challenges and realities of being an entrepreneur. and what he likes to do outside of managing his companies.



Gi Grier

Gi was born and raised in the Queen City, a unicorn by today’s standard. Coming up with a city that has been deemed one of the fastest growing places ever, Gi never had a dull moment. After studying theatre in Greensboro, NC, she came back to her roots in the city to work and figure out how she can make her imprint on the immaculate 704 legacy. As she transitioned into adulthood, she realized that The QC had so much unrecognized talent that SOMETHING had to be done. After finally bringing her vision to reality, Gi launched The Black Vibrations Podcast in October 2020 to highlight BLACK EXCELLENCE and bring it to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Taaj Ameer

Sound & Music guru Taaj was born in the DMV and spent time in Raleigh, NC. Being exposed to a plethora of different cultures and environments,Taaj couldn't help BUT to become infatuated with the phenomena that is sound, especially music. Definitely not a stranger to the music game, Taaj has lent his production and vocal talents to several NC artists. Despite his growing music career, Taaj still finds the time to lend his amazing talents to The Black Vibrations Podcast and helps us SPREAD BLACK EXCELLENCE.

Manny “Stackks” Amaya

Manuel Enrique Amaya, better known as Stackks, is accustomed to chasing dreams. Growing up in Brooklyn,NY and later moving to Charlotte in the prime of it’s growth, Stackks only has one speed: GO. After accumulating his experience in media, entrepreneurship, and branding he set out to find a way to give back to the grind/hustle mentality he preaches. Manny now assists small businesses by assisting them in establishing their digital presences so that they can grow and enjoy the fruits of their labor. When he is not doing that, Stackks makes sure The Black Vibrations’ website, content, and marketing is on point.

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